Patient Reviews

We love hearing from our patients!

At Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma, we are privileged to serve the bone, joint, and muscle needs of our community. 

We invite you to explore the stories of our past and present patients to learn more about the quality, compassionate care we have to offer you and your loved ones. 

  • “I love when I walk in! The girls at the desks remember me and are so positive. I think they like seeing me! I have always had a great experience with Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma. I have almost seen every doctor there in the 40+ years I have been coming to this office. The staff in the casting room are always upbeat and care about me. The x-ray technicians are kind and careful and try to get the procedure done as painless and as quick as possible. I have recommended you all to a lot of people. I hope they choose advanced orthopedics for their health care. Thank you for all the special attention I have received!”
    – Gloria H.
  • “Dr. Lorton and staff did an excellent job throughout. They listened to me and genuinely was concerned about my health. Dr. Lorton performed arthroscopic hip surgery. My pain in my hip lessened and gained more range of motion. I would highly recommend Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma to everyone. ”
    – Rodney H.
  • “My second surgery Dr. Wong has performed on me. Every time I have been to the office, I have got treated with kindness and respect. Deidre in WC and Paula in surgery scheduling were so patient with me and all my questions. I would recommend Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma to anyone. ”
    – Cynthia R.
  • “The total knee replacement worked and straightened my leg out. I can do all the activities that I like without pain; golfing, biking, hunting, hiking, and walking without a limp. Dr. Browne will get recommended to others. ”
    – Gerald P.
  • “Dr. Wong is very kind and thorough, does not rush his patients, and makes sure they completely understand what he is saying. He has a beautiful bedside manner.”
    – Kathleen M.
  • “Dr. Hendricks was knowledgeable and straightforward with answers to my questions. ”
    – Cathy G.
  • “Dr. Fox and his staff are outstanding.”
    – Sheldon F.
  • “Dr. Wong was terrific; he was straightforward with the scope of the surgery and what I could expect. I was delighted with the outcomes of the operation, and I am glad to say I no longer have the pain I was experiencing. My hand continues to get better each day, and I am so happy that I did it. His staff was excellent; he was always early or prompt at my appointments and surgeries. I was also very impressed with OSH and the care I received there. I would not hesitate to recommend your office and more specifically, Dr. Wong. Thank you!”
    – Dawn D.
  • “Dr. Boone and his staff are excellent. I have always received excellent care when seeing them.”
    – Judith G.
  • “I had my left knee done previously. Dr. Bryan Hawkins did a fantastic surgery. I hope I chose the right, Dr. Bryan Hawkins. I come back to him every year in the month of November. Dr. Hawkins very kind and very caring person. This coming November will be 12 years when I had the surgery. I am thankful that the staff is helpful and very friendly.”
    – Rosalee M.
  • “Excellent.”
    – Kenneth D.
  • “Dr. Shockley and his staff are lovely. Upon being placed in a room, I was not alone longer than a minute — nurse, PA, then doc. Dr. listened to my concerns, and we came up with a treatment plan without the use of mind-altering opioids. Thank goodness, not a pill pusher, wants to treat the problem. I am so glad I was able to come here. Thank you.”
    – D H.
  • “I had back problem, he put me on physical therapy, his therapist Christine was great, the entire staffs were excellent. I appreciate all of them, Dr. Ahmadinia is very good. ”
    – Morad S.
  • “There aren't enough kind words to say about Dr. Hardage and his staff. He gave me the best care and sent me to the most fantastic surgeon to have my shoulder repaired. Thank You, Dr. Hardage, and to your fantastic staff!”
    – Dawn A.
  • “When I first found out, I had a total tear on my rotator cuff, my original orthopedic doctor not sure it could get repaired. He said he was going to refer me to a very aggressive and knowledgeable surgeon. Dr. Boone was incredible! My shoulder has healed, and the staff was incredible throughout this whole journey — Travis (Dr. Boone's PA) is kind with all my silly questions. Highly recommend!”
    – Dawn A.
  • “Overall Great experience! Still, have back pain, but it’s a lot better than what it was!”
    – Quiana D.
  • “Total left hip replacement by Dr. Chris Browne in February. Very successful. Had me up and walking day of surgery. In-hospital PT for the 2.5 days I was in St Francis. The key is to stay ahead of pain. I took one Oxycodone as prescribed every four hours for two weeks, then switched to Aleve. I still have half a bottle of Oxycodone left. I, in no manner, became addicted to this drug! To blame the manufacturer for addiction is ridiculous. The patient is in total control. If I need future joint replacement I'll see Dr. Chris Browne!”
    – William H.
  • “I had seen Dr. Nonweiler previously for the same knee, so he was familiar with my situation and took care of it very quickly.”
    – Florence C.
  • “Dr. Kunapuli was friendly and knowledgeable about my problems. He ordered therapy for me, which helped a lot.”
    – Carolyn R.
  • “She is a great doctor. Easy to work.”
    – Donna A.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia is great.”
    – Donna A.
  • “I've been seeing Dr. Marsh all year with several things going on, and he has been doing all he can to help get me back on my feet. He is excellent, and everyone that I've dealt with there has been helpful and friendly to me.”
    – Stephanie W.
  • “He is lovely and cares about his patient. I have told several what a great doctor and person he is.”
    – Donna A.
  • “Dr. Browne was very informative from the first visit to the post-op visits. I was referred to Dr. Browne by a friend and did not regret that decision. I feel he is an excellent surgeon, and I would recommend him to anyone that has to have a hip replacement!”
    – Jean P.
  • “Dr. Emerson is competent, proficient, and caring. I have full confidence in her as a person and as a physician.”
    – Karl C.