The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Marsh
  • “Though the meeting was brief, the news was right on the condition getting treated. I was very pleased with the prognosis and the promptness of the staff in attending to my needs after the initial physician's visit.”
    – Darrell I.
  • “I wasn't sure if I needed surgery, but he assured me that I did not. I appreciate him being honest and not just wanting to operate.”
    – Barbara H.
  • “I popped a tendon in my left foot/ankle on a Saturday last year and was able to get in to see Dr. Marsh the first of the next week (Tuesday I think), had an MRI on Thursday and got a surgery scheduled ASAP. It’s a year later now, and I’m walking with a distance group again hoping to do a half-marathon. I will say I’ve also had both knees replaced by Dr. Browne and I’ve had good luck and been very happy with all three surgeries. ”
    – Monroe H.
  • “I’ve never been more happy with the results of surgery. Thank you very much.”
    – Brent D.
  • “Dr. Marsh was amicable and professional. He answered all my questions thoroughly.”
    – Wendy R.
  • “Great staff awesome doctor.”
    – William S.
  • “I've been seeing Dr. Marsh all year with several things going on, and he has been doing all he can to help get me back on my feet. He is excellent, and everyone that I've dealt with there has been helpful and friendly to me.”
    – Stephanie W.
  • “Dr. Marsh has been excellent and helpful and instrumental in my overall health. He started me on my weight loss program, which has been a great journey for me, and he understands my desire to put off surgery as long as possible.”
    – Gayle C.
  • “I had seen two orthopedic surgeons before Dr. Marsh, and both only had time to administer cortisone injections which had not to work but for a day or two. With a torn thru rotator cuff, I had been told not to have surgery as the outcome would severely limited arm function like not much over 50%, enough to prevent me from living alone and doing the project I love. No longer able to live normally. When I found, then met with Dr. Marsh, he had taken the time to review my situation thoroughly. When we first met, he was prepared to discuss all aspects of my case thoroughly. Also, Dr. Marsh was positive that I needed surgery and adamant that the outcome would be up around 90% or more. I did it, had the surgery, and 2 ½ months later I am functioning at 100%. Dr. March says 98%. I still have more therapy for strengthening. I’m an active 85-year-old living alone with many projects, and I do everything not hindered at all. There are a lot of good doctors. Dr. Marsh is at the top. There is not another doctor that truly, sincerely cares more for his patients! If you have shoulder pain or shoulder complications, don’t even stop to see him!”
    – Ross M.
  • “The most creative surgeon. Can't wait to see his work.”
    – Danielle H.
  • “Outstanding interaction with my surgeon. He explained everything and answered all of my questions. The outcome of my treatment and surgery was better than I expected. ”
    – John M.
  • “Took his time with my child and made sure she understood what he was saying and what she could expect. Very pleased. ”
    – Rupy R.
  • “Dr. Marsh was extremely helpful. He took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly, and he gave me the confidence to know everything was going to be ok. My recovery has gone well and is ahead of schedule. How he repaired makes me feel as if I'm progressing quicker than other friends I've spoken with who have had the same injury. Overall I'm incredibly pleased.”
    – Steve P.
  • “Dr. Marsh is fantastic, we are still trying to see what is causing the swelling in my foot, but I know Dr. Marsh will get it done!”
    – Preston L.
  • “Thank you, Dr. Marsh and all of your staff for helping me through a difficult time in my life! Surgery is scary and very painful. I appreciate all you have done to make me better! Thanks a lot!”
    – Kari B.