The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Ahmadinia
  • “I thank God every day that he led me to Dr. Kasra Ahmadinia to do my spine surgery. I looked for someone who had the training in the latest techniques, to ensure the best possible outcome, and with whom I felt comfortable. Dr. Ahmadinia's compassionate, kind demeanor put me at ease and helped give me confidence in a surgery that I did not want to go through. His skilled hands and dedicated surgical training, along with God's goodness, provided me nothing short of a miracle! Thank you God and thank you, Dr. Ahmadinia, for dedicating your life to alleviating pain and suffering. ”
    – Trolene D.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia was patient and not overly ready to jump to surgery. He referred me to another Dr to check my hip and had another Dr. inject into my spine. Overall this was a good experience.”
    – Joanne B.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia explained my problem and provided options for me. He was not rushed and had a kind and caring manner.”
    – Sherry A.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia and his staff are so kind. And he gets right to the point and also has the solution for your problem. He is very detailed and uses plain language to explain whatever sickness you have and the way to get it better. His staff is also easy to get in touch with if there are any problems. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from back pain.”
    – Tellus O.
  • “I had back problem, he put me on physical therapy, his therapist Christine was great, the entire staffs were excellent. I appreciate all of them, Dr. Ahmadinia is very good. ”
    – Morad S.
  • “Dr. Ahmadinia is great.”
    – Donna A.
  • “Dr. Ahmandinia and Will are the best! They are always willing to listen and answer questions. Never rush me through my visits either.”
    – Debra P.
  • “Everyone is friendly, helpful, and explain everything. I much appreciate the honesty and Dr. Ahmadinia trying to help me with pain management because he didn't want to operate unless he has to.”
    – Teresa R.
  • “He's great! Explains everything in language I can understand. ”
    – Anthony B.
  • “I had a herniated disc surgery, and it wasn’t a typical herniated disc! It was complicated surgery as it wasn’t easy to get to the herniated disc, but thanks to Dr. Ahmadinia and his expertise, I’m living a pain-free life! I could have not been any happier with the results I will definitely recommend him to any of my family members or friends!”
    – Sima S.