Boxer's Fracture of the Hand

You have a break (fracture) of the fifth metacarpal bone. This is commonly called a boxer’s fracture. This is the bone in the hand where the little finger attaches. The fracture is in the end of that bone which is closest to the little finger. Boxer's fracture is usually caused when you hit an object with a clenched fist. Often the knuckle is pushed down by the impact. Sometimes the fracture rotates out of position. A boxer’s fracture will usually heal within 6 weeks if it is treated properly and protected from re-injury. Surgery is sometimes needed.

A cast, splint, or bulky hand dressing may all be used to protect and immobilize a boxer’s fracture. Do not remove this device or dressing until your caregiver approves. Keep your hand elevated and apply ice packs for 20-30 minutes every 2 hours to the injured area for the first two days. Elevation and ice help reduce swelling and relieve pain. See your caregiver or an orthopedic specialist for follow-up care within the next 10 days to make sure your fracture is healing properly.

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